The wisdom of a pressure cooker


In my new found life as a passionate cook, I learned about the wisdom of a pressure cooker. A pressure cooker is a miracoulos thing. For long, it doesn t move a bit, you can only hear some grumbling sounds from the inside. But then suddenly, almost like magic, the black thing with the two circles gets lifted up; the boiling point has reached. From now onwards, things can be left on their own. 10 minutes later, you sit in front of a plate of steaming potatoes, thinking deeply touched: All this time it has been cooking from the inside!
In life the same can happen too: For a long time, nothing much happens. You are whirling around in your daily routine, trying to give consideration to anything and everything. In your weakest moments you feel you have lost direction. But from the inside, something is happening, decisions are being made, unfinished affairs are being «cooked» like potatoes in a pressure cooker. And then – just when you gave up hope – the boiling point has reached and things can be left on their own.

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